Last updated - 10th July 2024


The RRCC is an 11,111 NFT collection that supports a collaborative, creative community. Focusing on an inclusive message and positive vibes towards all things creative, the RRCC is a gateway into the Rusty Robot world, aiming to bring together a global team and community to create the biggest creative brand on the planet.

RRCC NFTs provide holders access to the RRCC ecosystem that revolves around a number of creative ventures built to support the widespread creativity of the RRCC project and its community.

The primary focus points for the RRCC revolve around NFT collectibles, Comics, Rusty Robot Records, Rusty Apparel, and $ RUST-powered De-Fi tools and features.


RRCC NFTs — the primary access and entry point to the RRCC ecosystem, RRCC NFTs provide holders membership and access to everything Rusty. From $RUST airdrops and staking to exclusive opportunities, bonuses and rewards, royalty rewards, member-only features and tools, and of course early access and entry to everything within the RRCC and $RUST ecosystem.

RRCC Comics — innovating in the web 3.0 space with new comic experiences, RRCC Comics acts to publish & distribute NFT comics from the RRCC and other upcoming independent writers and artists, as well as release NFT-connected real-world publications.

Rusty Robot Records — the other creative branch of the RRCC, Rusty Robot Records acts as a publishing & music production company to release NFT music collections from RRCC bands, as well as upcoming artists through community-led music launches. RRCC also will support innovation in connecting royalty rights for music releases to Web 3.0 through an original royalty rights management and staking platform.

$RUST Token — the utility token that supports the continued access, engagement, growth, and expansion of the Rusty Robot Country Club ecosystem, supported by numerous $RUST powered de-fi features.

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