User Dashboard

The user dashboard is the central hub for all RRCC members. A customisable dashboard that supports everything Rusty, personalised to your NFT tastes.

Add a Profile Image

To start add a profile image by clicking the Add Profile Picture box on the left hand side.

Add Favourite NFTs

You can add favourites by selecting the add box in the bottom left hand corner to display your favourite NFTs

Add Username

To add a custom username click the edit profile button.

To change your username, while editing your profile simply enter a new username and press the "SAVE" button to confirm

View Address on ShimmerEVM Explorer

You can also view your address on the ShimmerEVM explorer by clicking on your address.

Make Profile Public

You can make your profile visible to other RRCC members by changing the switch to "Public"

Then click the "Save Profile" button

Add Your Location

Click on the "Edit" button next to location select

Drop the pin to a location on the map

Press the "Save Your Location" button

Click the "Save Profile" button

note: Your location can only be saved if your profile is in public view

ONLY RRCC MEMEBRS can view the Rusty World Map and your location marker.

Members Only Menu

In the bottom centre of the screen is the menu tab. Pres this to open the menu.

The menu is split into two sections. The left hand side displays your RRCC NFTs and the right hand side displays menu options.

NFT Side Menu

In the NFT display, you may change your favourites or main profile image by clicking on the heart or star icons on any NFT.

To change your profile image press the star on any NFT to make it your avatar.

To add a favourite press the heart icon on any NFT to make it a favourite. You may only have 5 favourites, to remove a favourite deselect an active heart icon so you can add a different NFT by selecting another heart icon on another NFT.

Members Page Side Menu

The right hand side menu will navigate you between the different pages of the profile.

Profile takes you to your main profile page

NFTs will take you to your full NFT wallet page

Rusty World will take you to the Rusty World Map page

Multimeter will take you to the Multimeter Crypto Wallet Portfolio Tool

Royalties will take you to your royalty rewards collection page (coming soon)

As new features are released this menu will expand and grow to include all the new features, tools, and experiences members will benefit from as the project expands.

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