Rusty Robot Comics

Rusty Robot Comics is the branch of the RRCC dedicated to supportin the publication of independent comic series and graphic novels through unique web 3.0 comic and collectible experiences. Providing a platform and avenue for independent comic artists to publish and distribute their creative works in both NFT and physical formats.

Through a direct to reader outlet, we are creating an independent community funded system for upcoming and established writers and artists to publish their work direct to their audiences, without the need for intermediaries, allowing the creators to gain the revenue and royalties they deserve.

The RRCC Comic Series

The first release from Rusty Robot Comics is the in-house Rusty Robot Country Club Comic series. Season one comprises of 10 issues that introduce the world of the RRCC along with the values and the message we are intent on spreading, that of inclusivity, individuality, and general value that everyone is special in their own way.

The series follows the journey of 6 random robots all from different walks of life, as they struggle to find themselves and their new family within the Rusty Robot Country Club.

Created by the RRCC, the comic series has been a year long collaborative effort between the RRCC team and global contributors, co-written by K. March., J.J., and Tommy G., and illustrated by Maria, Cristel, & Pri ❤ . The creative team behind the comic are a diverse force to be reckoned with, working together, across borders, from the USA, UK, Argentina, and Europe, to create a series that explores the many challenges and relationships that we all face in our daily lives.

Issue #0000 was dropped to the RRCC OG NFT community in March 2022 and was the first ever NFT Comic release in the IOTA ecosystem. This issue and the rest of the series will be coming through the development and release of new web 3.0 features on the v.2 RRCC web app on ShimmerEVM, through a series of exclusive community NFT airdrops and sales.

Independent Comic Releases

In-line with our vision and commitment to community creativity, we will also be launching a series of collectible comics and graphic novels from independent artists and authors, starting in 2023.

The releases will allow artists and writers to connect directly with their audience and new comers, to release NFT collectible comic sales, alongside real-world paper releases. Providing comic creators with an accessible publishing system to benefit directly from their creative works, cutting out the middle man, and pushing them to the top of their genres.

Everyone is welcome at the RRCC and the Rusty Robot Comic branch will support the continued creativity of individuals and teams working to bring new creative works and worlds to the community and beyond.

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