Community Promo Treasury

The Community Promotional & Marketing Treasury is a Smart Contract locked fund established at the launch of the RRCC on ShimmerEVM to provide incentivised funds for community members, promotional activities, project integrations, and partnerships, to help bring the RRCC to new heights.

Setup through our partners over at Hedgey.Finance the RRCC Community Promo Fund is securely locked in a treasury lock-up contract for 100% transparency of community funds. You can track the distribution and observe all lock-up releases over on the RRCC Hedgey dashboard:

Hedgey.Finance RRCC Dashboard

The first treasury unlock was on the 21st December 2023 with an initial release of 5,000,000 RUST, followed by monthly unlocks over the following 24 months.

The treasury will be used for:

  • Community incentivised promo and marketing campaigns

  • Competitions and giveaways

  • Cross-project promotions and incentives

  • Partnership and project integration incentives

  • Marketing financing

Community Governance

As the RRCC community DAO expands more and more control and governance over the use of marketing and promo funds will be handed to the community. In time establishing a community committee and governance system that can support fully community managed promo and marketing.

The use of the Community Promo Treasury is transparent and recorded in the Community Treasury History section of these docs.

The wallet is publicly transparent and can be viewed here:

Community Promo Treasury Wallet - 0x7C2e9E769cE6Be183050aE8F9CDFB3bec5838003

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