Create an address on ShimmerEVM

To hold tokens and interact on ShimmerEVM you need an EVM address that is connected to the ShimmerEVM Network.

For this, you require an EVM wallet such as Metamask:

You can download Metamask from the official site and run the setup process.

To add the Shimmer EVM network

Once Metamask is installed you can add the ShimmerEVM network to your wallet.

To begin, select the network dropdown in the top left corner of your Metamask wallet.

Now click the "Add Network" button at the bottom

You will now need to enter the following details for the ShimmerEVM network:

Once entered, press the "Save" button and Metamask will add the network to your wallet.

You can now select the ShimmerEVM network in the network select dropdown list in the top left corner of your wallet.

Now you are connected to the ShimmerEVM network, you can view your EVM address that is visible at the top of your wallet. This can be copied for use by clicking the copy icon.

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