RUST Fair-Launch

The fair launch of the $RUST token put the RRCC community front and centre with an exclusive airdrop and fair-launch event hosted by our friends and partners over on ShimmerSea DEX.

On Saturday 18th November 2023 RRCC NFT holders had a front-row seat as we launched the $RUST token. Giving us the opportunity to get the ecosystem and creator economy up and running. There was no private sale, no investor sale, no pre-sale, no ICOs, $RUST was exclusively launched into the hands of the RRCC NFT community.

In-line with the fair-launch on ShimmerSea DEX, RRCC NFT holders also received an airdrop of $RUST, comprising of farmed tokens from a 2022 discord event to OG NFTs that farmed the tokens, as well as an airdrop to each individual NFT.

By launching exclusively to the RRCC NFT community we put the token in the hands of the holders. Keeping it within the community to minimalize the risk of single entity control, market manipulation, and external pump and dump strategists. Giving us a strong foundation to build upon as we progress with feature expansion and releases.

A total of 50 Million $RUST entered into the fair-launch, with a total fair-launch cap of 2 Million SMR (95k USD value). Once that amount was reached, the fair-launch was closed in less than 30mins and the token was launched live for trading on ShimmerSea Dex.


An initial airdrop of $RUST token was also distributed to NFT holders split between an airdrop of farmed $RUST tokens from the 2022 OG farming event on the RRCC Discord, and a global airdrop to all RRCC NFT holders, with OG NFT holders receiving 2x.

$RUST token is the cornerstone of the creative ecosystem on Shimmer EVM and drives us forward as a project and an community. Our partnership with ShimmerSea, the leading DEX in the ecosystem, provided us with solid grounds to build a strong creator economy that brings immense value to the RRCC, NFT holders, ShimmerSea DEX, and the Shimmer ecosystem as a whole.

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