The RRCC has been a project of firsts in the IOTA and Shimmer ecosystems paving the way for new experiences, features, and services within the web 3.0 space.

This roadmap serves as a flexible guide to the past, present, and future of the project.

This is a living document and will mutate, change, and grow as the project matures and can not be seen as a strict timeline or order of releases in the future, but rather as a rough projection of where the project is heading and where it has come from. No dates will be given until confirmation of releases. We add a feature ensure it is stable and secure then move on to the next.

Phase I - Origins

RRCC Community Launch

Community creation and introduction to the Rusty Robot Country Club

Genesis OG '1011' NFT Collection

Live launch of the first 1011 Rusty Robot OG NFTs

RRCC Early Access

Early access for OG 1011 NFT holders to the Rusty Robot Country Club

1st Ever NFT Comic on IOTA

Airdrop of issue 1 of the RRCC Comic to OG holders.

First Ever NFT-Linked Merch on IOTA

Distribution to NFT-L holders of the first ever NFT Linked Merch the RRCC OG Caps

1st Release of NFT Music on IOTA

Launch and pre-release of the Rusty Rejects single and remix to the OG community

Ltd. Edition RRCC Merch Collection

Members only access to an exclusive OG RRCC Ltd. Edition Merch Collection

Phase II - Rebirth

OG NFT Airdrop on live on Shimmer EVM

Airdrop and migration of the OG 1011 NFTs live to the Shimmer EVM Network

Public 10,100 Main Collection NFT Mint

Open and public fair launch sale of the remaining 10k Rusty Robot Membership NFTs on Shimmer EVM

RRCC NFTs live on ShimmerSea Marketplace

RRCC NFTs go live for trade quickly becoming one of the leading NFT collections on the ShimmerSea NFT Marketplace

RRCC v2.0 Web App Launch

A newly updated and improved, optimised and feature ready web 3.0 app launched

RRCC x Hedgey Finance Partnership

RRCC teamed up with defi experts Hedgey Finance to provide secure and transparent token vesting and distribution for $RUST token and the entire Shimmer ecosystem

$RUST Launch NFT Holders Air-Drop

Exclusive members-only air-drop of $RUST token to all RRCC NFT holders

RRCC x ShimmerSea Dex $RUST Fair Launch Event

The official community launched release and primary distribution of $RUST token

$RUST Staking Goes Live

Introduction of NFT linked $RUST staking rewards for club members & $RUST holders

$RUST Farming Goes Live

Introduction of farming reward systems on ShimmerSea DEX for $RUST holders and liquidity providers

$RUST Token Smart Contract Ownership Revoked

Token ownership revoked locking the $RUST token smart contract co no future changes can ever be made

$RUST Supply & Distribution 100% On-Chain

100% of $RUST on-chain and locked in smart contracts for full transparency to the entire future supply of the token

$RUST Buyback & Burn

First ever buyback and burn of $RUST token using secondary market NFT royalties to permanently decrease the max supply

Phase III - Growth

RRCC v.2 Mint

Version 2 of the RRCC Main Collection NFT Mint platform introducing buy with $RUST, bulk buy NFTs, random mint, 10% $RUST token burn, and 5% SMR buyback and burn

$RUST x Accumulator

$RUST is added to the Accumulator app for yield aggregation and automated farming of $RUST/SMR liquidity pool farming on ShimmerSea Dex

Rusty RobOtoss

Launch of the first $ RUST-powered Smart Contract mini-game coin toss, as a prelude to the launch of the future Rusty Arcade

$RUST De-Fi Dashboard

Launch of members-only $RUST token dashboard to monitor and control $RUST token investments and allocations

Community Marketing Treasury Unlock

The unlock of the community marketing and promotional treasury lock-up of monthly distributions for community rewards, partnerships, promotions, and marketing opportunities

Rusty World

The beginnings of the members only network for RRCC NFT holders launching with the Rusty map and private and community visible profiles for upcoming networking, events, and bot follow bot features

Rusty Bots Galore

Launch of the RRCC NFT and $RUST token bots, including token tracker and discord connect

RRCC Gated Content

Launch of RRCC NFT holder exclusive features and content on the official Discord.

RRCC Members Only Games Night

Launch of the first of many RRCC NFT holder games nights with interactive competitions, gaming, and giveaways.

Rusty Multimeter

Measure everything in one place with the addition of the exclusive members only wallet portfolio feature for RRCC NFT holders to manage your entire portfolio of ShimmerEVM tokens and NFTs

Rusty Vibes LoFi, Vol.2 Release

Second follow-up release to the OG LoFi vibes release launches.

RRCC x TangleVerse

Launch of the RRCC on TangleVerse for tracking of events, news, and project updates

Rusty Vibes LoFi, Vol.3 Release

Third release from the OG LoFi rusty vibes project.

RRCC x Swapline DEX

Launch of RUST / USDT liquidity pool on Swapline DEX. Earn USDT/RUST and other rewards for farming and supporting liquidity for the RUST token

Ecosystem Treasury Unlock

Launch of the ecosystem treasury fund distribution that unlocks regular funding for new independent projects and community initiatives

RRCC Main Collection Sell-out

The sell-out of the main RRCC NFT collection

Rusty Vibes LoFi, Vol.4 Release

Fourth release from the OG LoFi rusty vibes project.

Rusty NFT Tracker Bot

Launch of RRCC NFT tracker bot to support instant floor and trade updates from ShimmerSea DEX NFT marketplace

RRCC working with TuneCore

Rusty Robot Country Club announce their work with leading publishing and distribution experts TuneCore, to handle publishing and distribution of all RRCC releases

Rusty Robot Country Club Launch on Spotify & Apple Music

Rusty Robot Country Club releases available to stream and download on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, and 30+ other music platforms

Rusty Vibes LoFi, Vol.5 Release

Fifth release from the OG LoFi rusty vibes project.

Rusty Raffle

Launch of the first decentralized NFT raffling system on Shimmer EVM powered by $RUST and supporting user created raffles, verified collections, on-chain royalties, and $RUST burn mechanics

RUST Community Airdrops Launch

The first of 18 monthly community airdrops of $RUST token to RRCC

Rusty Vibes Liquid, Vol.1 Release

The premiere release from the chilled out drum'n'bass vibes of the Rusty Vibes Liquid project

Rusty Discord DAO

Launch of the NFT access only Discord DAO for community members to propose, discuss, and vote on community initiatives and updates

sIOTA/RUST Farm Launch on ShimmerSea DEX

Step 1 in the migration of the RRCC to IOTA EVM the launch of a dual reward farm for sIOTA/RUST LP on ShimmerSea DEX

Rusty 101

Launch of the free public RRCC educational website filled with resources for learning about crypto, defi, blockchain, and everything in between

Rusty Transmitter

No more back and forth with transactions from the launch of the RUST powered bulk transfer tool allowing anyone to send any number of ERC20, ERC721, or ERC1155 tokens in one transaction

Rusty Vibes Trippin, Vol.1 Release

The premiere release from the relaxing triphop vibes of the Rusty Vibes Trippin project

Rekt! - Single Release

The first degen culture meme single from the RRCC bringing together satirical humour and mad music to entertain the masses

Rusty Breaker

Launch of the RUST powered burner app allowing anyone to burn any number of ERC20, ERC721, or ERC1155 tokens on ShimmerEVM

WAGMI - Single Release

The follow-up single from the RRCC bringing a positive Rusty Vibe to the world with the crypto rock anthem WAGMI - the anthem for the bull run

Wallet Connect

The addition of Wallet Connect to the RRCC website and dApps and the first step towards a multi-chain v3.0 RRCC ecosystem

Introducing Coda Exchange

A first look at the future of royalty rights and IP ownership and licensing with the launch of the Coda website that will be home to Coda Exchange platform that will launch Royalty Rights Tokens to the world on a multi-chain platform that will be powered by RUST token

Royalty Rights Tokens Launch

Launch of the $RUST powered royalty rewards system for royalty rights tokens with an airdrop of the Rusty Vibes Royalty Rights Tokens

RRCC dApps go Multichain

Addition of IOTA EVM support for all RRCC dApps bringing the RRCC v3.0 multichain ecosystem into existence

RRCC x LayerZero Omni-Chain

The upgrade of RRCC NFTs and RUST token to the LayerZero Omni-Chain standards allowing seamless bridging of assets between numerous L0 supported networks

Comic Experiences Launch

Launch of the exclusive and new NFT comic experience on Shimmer EVM with added dApp features

Rusty Robot Country Club Comic #0000 Re-Release

Re-launch of RRCC #0000 NFT comic on Shimmer EVM airdropped to OG NFT holders

Music Experiences Launch

Launch of the exclusive and new NFT music experience on Shimmer EVM with added dApp features

Rusty Rejects E.P. Launch

Launch and airdrop of the Rusty Rejects EP to NFT holders.

RRCC Ltd. Edition Merch

Launch of a new and exclusive collection of Ltd. Edition Merch for NFT holders


Launch of the decentralised proposals and voting platform for the RRCC community.

Built by Bots - Community Grant Program Launch

Launch of the community grants program to support the community on their Built by Bots releases and projects

Rusty Events Planner

Launch of the RRCC members only event planner for community and project planned meetups and events around the world

Phase IV - Expansion

RRCC Collectibles launch

Launch of the collectible ERC1155 booster pack launch platform for future music, comic, and collectible experiences

RRCC Marketplace

Launch of the $RUST powered marketplace for collectibles, music, comics, and Royalty Reward Tokens for swapping and trading comics, music, royalty rewards, and other collectibles

Rusty Radio

Launch of the Rusty Radio app and discord bot powered by Rusty Records Releases that can be added to Discord for expanding the reach, exposure, and royalty returns of RRCC music releases

Rusty Swap

Launch of $RUST powered Smart Contract escrow swaps for OTC and direct swapping of NFTs and tokens

Rusty Rifle

Launch of the $RUST powered floor sniping app for the bulk purchases of from collection floor NFTs

Rusties Auction House

Launch of the Rusties Auction House for NFT auctions powered by $RUST supporting user created auctions, verified collections, on-chain royalties and $RUST burn mechanics

NFT Linked Merch

Launch of an exclusive NFT connected merch release for NFT holders

Real World Royalties

Launch of the $RUST powered royalty rights rewards for existing chart artist royalty rights

RRCC Creator Space

Launch of the complete creator space platform for independent creators to kick-start and launch projects through the power of $RUST and the full combination of all the RRCC features

RRCC Network

Launch of the private and permissioned decentralised networking tool for RRCC NFT holders to communicate and coordinate local meetups and events

Rusty RoboCon

An in person real world convention bringing together the entire world of robots, comics, music, and creativity to one space


  • Moar DeFi releases

  • Moar music releases

  • Moar comic releases

  • Moar collectible releases

  • Moar merch releases

  • Moar royalty rewards releases

  • Moar buyback & burn

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