Buy Shimmer Native Token $SMR

Getting a Shimmer Compatible Wallet

Shimmer token ($SMR) is the native token of the Shimmer network and is required to engage in the ShimmerEVM ecosystem where the Rusty Robot Country Club makes its home.

Shimmer requires a native wallet to hold the token, such wallets available include:

Download and install your wallet of choice from the official website and then you are able to hold the token by transferring it to your wallet address from an exchange.

Purchasing $SMR on an Exchange

To purchase Shimmer token you must buy through a Centralised Exchange (CEX).

$SMR is currently available on the following exchanges:

Once you have purchased your token you can transfer it to your native wallet of choice by withdrawing from your exchange account and sending it to your wallet address.

Disclaimer: Please follow the specific guides for each of these platforms if you are unsure on how to purchase tokens. This guide is for purely informative purposes. We do not endorse or support any of these platforms or tokens and do not offer any financial advice. Buying cryptocurrencies is at your own risk and you should always do your own research and understand the legal implications of investing in crypto assets within your jurisdiction before engaging in any crypto purchase.

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