Farm $RUST Token

To Farm $RUST navigate to ShimmerSea Dex, then click Earn -> Farm in the menu(upper left corner). There you will be presented with all available staking pools.

Find the $RUST-$SMR pool and click on it. You will see a tab with info and two buttons.

Click the Deposit Button and a modal will appear. Click on the first option(($RUST-SMR) LP and click the + icon next to it.

You will be redirected to another page where you can add liquidity to the LP. Input the amount of $RUST and $SMR you want to enter into the LP and click enter amount.

After that you can return to the Farm page, select the pool and navigate to the "My Farm Stats" section where you can Enable LP and Deposit to earn rewards.

To collect rewards you can do the same but press the "Harvest" button and confirm in Metamask.

You are now farming $RUST and $LUM, courtesy of ShimmerSea team.

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