RRCC Integrations

Here is a non-exhaustive list of all the apps and integrations where you can find or use RUST and RRCC NFTs or interact with the RRCC its creations and releases. If you notice anything missing from this list please reach out to the team over on our Discord.


Rusty Robot Country Club

The main RRCC website and app that supports numerous features powered by RUST and RRCC NFTs


Connect RRCC NFTs to official RRCC guild & gain exclusive access to members only badges & features


Toss a coin to win RUST rewards

Rusty World

Connect with other RRCC NFT holders on the global Rusty World Network


Connect your wallet to Tide protocol and earn rewards for interacting with RUST & the RRCC

Rusty Raffle

Use RUST to create and participate in decentralised NFT and token raffles


ShimmerSea Dex

Swap & earn rewards for providing liquidity and staking RUST token

Swapline Dex

Swap & Earn rewards for providing liquidity in RUST enabled pools

ShimmerSea NFT Marketplace

Securely trade RRCC NFTs

Hedgey Finance

Use RUST to issue vesting rewards, grants, OTC swaps, treasury lockups, and more


Automated yield aggregation for RUST LP providers


Track RRCC NFT stats and sales and trade RRCC NFTs on the EpochZero data platform and marketplace


Liquid trading of RRCC NFTs


Coin Gecko

Track RUST token stats on Coin Gecko


Track RUST token stats on Mobula

Gecko Terminal

Track RUST token stats on Gecko Terminal


RRCC NFT holder exclusive wallet portfolio dashboard

Rusty Bot

RUST token tracking Discord Bot


Track all the latest info news and events from the RRCC

ShimmerDoge DAO

Telegram token tracker to track Rust/SMR and RUST/USDT pairs

NFT Tracker Bot

Market listings and sales NFT tracking bot for RRCC NFTs in Discord



Hold, Transfer, and Sign Transactions with your RUST and RRCC NFTs


Hold, Transfer, and Sign Transactions with your RUST and RRCC NFTs

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