RRCC Airdrop Claims

There will be 18 monthly airdrops to RRCC NFT holders each comprising of an equel distribution of 17,777,777 RUST distributed equally to each eligible RRCC NFT, with OG NFTs receiving 2x rewards.

Each airdrop will involve a snapshot that will be taken the 28th of each month at 1800 CET, with the first snapshot taken on the 28th February 2024.

Every RRCC NFT airdrop will occur within 48hrs of this snapshot being taken and processed.

For an RRCC NFT to be eligible for the snapshot, it must be held in your wallet or staked in one of the verified RUST OG NFT or RUST NFT staking pools on ShimmerSea DEX:


NFTs on marketplaces or any other dApps WILL NOT be eligible for the snapshot, and will not be included in the airdrop.

Once the snapshot has been processed, the RRCC will share an official link to the monthly official RRCC Airdrop claim page powered by our good friends over at Hedgey.Finance

On this page you can connect and verify your wallet to claim your airdrop tokens.

Claims will remain open for 12 months after the launch of the claim.

Any unclaimed tokens will be burned at the end of the 12 month claim period.

How to claim

Navigate to the official RRCC claim portal powered by Hedgey Finance and connect your wallet (links are available in the Airdrop Claims History page of these docs)

Once connected press the "Check Eligibility" button

If you are eligible for the claim you can now press the "Claim RUST" button to claim your tokens

Confirm the transaction in your wallet to receive your airdrop rewards

Why use Hedgey?

An airdrop can be carried out in multiple different ways, but to ensure transparency, security, and flexibility for holders during the process we are working with Hedgey.

This also allows us to offer the community a choice on when they wish to claim their airdrop rewards. Some may opt to claim immediately while other may wish to wait and claim at a later time up to one year after the airdrop.

By working with Hedgey we are able to ensure a simple and secure distribution of airdrop rewards that give the community 100% control and flexibility in the distribution.

All claims and their history can be tracked in the Airdrop Claims History page of these docs.

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