Rusty Raffle

Rusty Raffle is a decentralized raffle platform that allows anyone the ability to setup or participate in decelntralized NFT raffles.

Create your own raffles, enter raffles, with exclusive RRCC NFT holder raffles, featured raffles, and of course 100% supporting other NFT projects through creator royalties following the ERC2981 royalty standard.

There is no upfront expense to setup a raffle and there are no fees on ticket purchase (other than network gas). Fees come off the final total ticket sales split between creator royalties, platform fees, and buyback and burn for RUST token.

Create a Raffle

To create a raffle head on over to your My Raffles page by clicking the View My Raffles button on the main page

Click the Create Raffle button in the header

You will be presented with a creation form. Here you can do the following:

  • Choose the NFT you want to select (select collection and NFT and confirm)

To confirm your raffle agree to the terms and conditions and press the create raffle button

You will be able to review your raffle before confirming the transaction in your wallet.

Press the launch raffle to confirm the creation and launch the raffle.


If it is the first time you are creating a raffle you will be asked to confirm two transactions before you can launch your raffle.

Firstly: You will be asked to allow the raffle smart contract to handle your token and transfer it to the raffle smart contract for the raffle to commence.

Secondly: You will be asked to confirm a spending allowance for the token you are using for your raffle (RUST for example).

Once you have confirmed these by signing the transactions and messages in your wallet you can then sign the transaction to confirm the launch of the raffle.


Once you have created a raffle you cannot edit it.

You can cancel the raffle before any tickets have been sold. If ANY tickets are sold a raffle cannot be cancelled. So double check your raffle information before launching.

Cancel a Raffle

To cancel a raffle navigate to the raffle page for your raffle and press the cancel raffle button

A raffle can only be cancelled if it has not sold any tickets.

A raffle that ends without selling any tickets can be cancelled and the NFT will be returned to the raffle creator's wallet.

Participate in a Raffle

To participate in a reaffle navigate to the raffle page by clicking the View Raffle button on the raffle you want to enter

Confirm the transaction in your wallet

You can view the history of your raffles, entered, created, and won in your My raffles page

Some raffles may have a border colour:

  • Gold are your created raffles

  • Green are raffles you have won

Raffle Fees

The raffle has no fees upon creation or ticket purchase. Fees are taken from the total of tickets sold on any raffle when the raffle is drawn.

Platform Fee

A platform fee of 5% is taken from every raffle. From this 10% is used for buyback and burn of RUST token

This fee is reduced to 2.5% for RRCC NFT holders and 1.25% for OG NFT holders.

Creator Royalties

Rusty Raffle supports decentralized NFT royalties using the ERC2981 Standard for royalties. Collections that use the royalty standard will receive their relative royalty percentage from the ticket sales (minus the platform fees)

In the event you opt to create a featured raffle a fixed fee of 5000 RUST will be paid upon creation and launch of the Raffle. This is an upfront non-refundable fee.

How a Raffle Winner is Drawn

Rusty Raffle uses the Shimmer on-chain randomisation to handle the random draw of each raffle winner.

We have no control over the outcome of the raffle and cannot affect or alter any raffles after they have been created.

Please ensure you double check all raffle information prior to creating and entering raffles.

Sold out raffles are drawn immediately after the last tickets are sold and will be automatically distributed by the smart contract on confirmation of the final ticket sale.

A raffle that has not sold out has to be drawn manually. This can be done after the end of the raffle by pressing the Draw Winner button on the raffle view page. The user who draws the raffle must confirm the draw via their wallet and pay the gas fee for signing the transaction.

Raffle Terms and Conditions

Entering a Raffle

1. This is a decentralised application, and no refunds will be given to any tickets purchased.

2. Your tickets will not be refunded if you did not win the raffle.

3. All NFT prizes are distributed automatically by the smart contract and will be sent to the address of the winning ticket upon completion of the raffle.

4. You may only buy a maximum of 100 tickets per transaction.

5. Purchasing raffle tickets incurs no platform fees.

6. When purchasing raffle tickets, the buyer is responsible for network gas fees.

7. RRCC NFT holder exclusive raffles require an RRCC Main Collection NFT in your wallet on the same address you are purchasing tickets from.

8. The RRCC, its agents, directors, partners, or officers shall not assume any liability or responsibility for your use of the Rusty Raffle.

9. By entering into a raffle, you acknowledge that you are adhering to the laws of your jurisdiction.

10. Rusty Raffle is a decentralised application that uses Shimmer on-chain entropy to determine the randomness of raffle winners. RRCC have no control over the results of any raffle.

11. Rusty Raffle is a decentralised application built for fun. Raffle Responsibly.

Creating a Raffle

1. Once a raffle is created your NFT prize will be transferred to the smart contract and will automatically be sent to the winner upon completion of the raffle.

2. A raffle end date must be selected that is between 24hrs and 7 days from the raffle launch time.

3. A raffle must have at least 40 tickets available.

4. If no tickets have been sold you may cancel the raffle at any time by going to the raffle page and pressing the cancel raffle button.

5. If any tickets have been sold you cannot cancel the raffle and the raffle will always proceed irrelevant of whether it has sold out or not.

6. If a raffle sells out before its scheduled end time the raffle will auto-complete at the time of the last ticket being sold.

7. If a raffle does not sell out the raffle winner can be drawn by going to the raffle page and pressing the draw winner button.

8. Selecting the holder only option will make your raffle exclusive to entries from RRCC NFT holders only.

9. Rusty raffle will take a 5% fee from ticket sales on all raffles, this fee is reduced to 2.5% for RRCC NFT holders, and 1.25% for OG NFT holders.

10. 10% of all fees go directly to buyback and burn RUST token.

11. Any NFTs that are put up for raffle from verified collections that support the ERC-2981 Standard for NFT Royalties will also incur a creator royalty fee that will be automatically transferred from the total ticket sales after platform fees upon completion of the raffle.

12. All remaining ticket sales from an ended raffle, after deducted fees, will be automatically distributed to the raffle creator wallet on completion of the draw.

13. An upfront fee may be paid to upgrade your raffle to a featured raffle which will be displayed on the main raffle page. This fee is payable upon creation of the raffle. This fee is non-refundable.

14. If a raffle sells 0 tickets by the event deadline you may withdraw your NFT prize by pressing the cancel raffle button on the raffle page.

15. Raffles CANNOT be cancelled, edited, or altered in any way once a ticket has been sold.

16. You CANNOT purchase tickets for a raffle you have created.

17. This is a decentralised application and the RRCC does not take any responsibility for the marketing and promotion of your raffles.

18. The RRCC, its agents, directors, partners, or officers shall not assume any liability or responsibility for your use of the Rusty Raffle dApp.

19. By creating a raffle, you acknowledge you are adhering to the laws of your jurisdiction.

20. Rusty Raffle is a decentralised application that uses Shimmer on-chain entropy to determine the randomness of raffle winners. RRCC have no control over the results of any raffle.

Verified NFT Collections

The verified NFT Collections that Rusty Raffle Supports include:

Rusty Robot Country Club - 0xA38C926BA1915a41E80A4ab22f17beD211e6cfB3

Lumi - 0xC55650e30d5e66159bCB3d32928c8b16879F2664

IOTABots - 0x6c2D60145cDD0396bd03298693495bf98fcdD93E

SpaceBots - 0xA10F4eb010F85F0F21107cc4F7464cF7da73076C

Infernal Uprising - 0x4c1774399986456Fc7339397bC1Ac05122Aaead3

OG Apes - 0xf640ed4ADFD525a3DEae9FA76a840898d61009C1

Lil Apes - 0x3F5ae5270b404fF94BB4d2f15A4f3b46f16470D1

Bananas - 0x2285e8d510F06fAc966F0D3F6522eDe874EBe9F4

IOTA Heroes - 0x6f3a07626827C0431e8e40F835Ab134B714bC1bF

Dark Mythos Elements - 0xFa9FA62820572A780A9B42D4a06B46fBbb812553

Dark Mythos Gaming Cards - 0x8B3c2664bB73BD57133418E872Fd0f7DAaE8792c

Dark Mythos ShimmerSea Edition - 0x76B185C0e2c76a347CCb41EF3078954173de80dE

Subbies - 0x501221B18ee951725f76f654a7c66007043070f1

The Blob - 0xc0CDfa2b4300ec3cE105216106485c57Cd61F5B5

Wasteland Sirens - 0x08AD9dD88e5080D4C621d72ec204C44C67e4d384

Early Adopters - 0x5FAcF7B078Aa80Ac3911f9c5cEcE7E3D45ac05e4

Wen Bunnies - 0x3Ae6f51cC9249A3a31590Bf9EF5f60DeE52119E2

Tangle Labs - 0x6EC8f4a61c0198362C7B675DCa1280340A5DdBcc

If you wish to add a ShimmerEVM collection please open a support ticket over on our Discord

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