Transfer $SMR to EVM

Transferring $SMR from Layer 1 (native Shimmer network) to ShimmerEVM is a very simple task.

note: before you start be sure you have an EVM address connected to the Shimmer Network

In Firefly wallet

In your Firefly wallet click the "Send assets" button to start a new transaction.

Select the ShimmerEVM network in the Destination network dropdown menu.

Enter your EVM address (beginning 0x) and the amount you wish to send and press the "Next" button.

Confirm the details are correct and press the "Send" button to execute the transaction.

Your $SMR token has been sent to the EVM network and will arrive in your EVM address within seconds.

In Bloom wallet

In the "Account" display press the "Send" button

On the "Select a token" screen select the "Shimmer" network and "Shimmer" token and press continue to proceed.

On the "Send Shimmer to" screen select the "Shimmer EVM" network, enter the EVM address you wish to send the $SMR tokens to and press the "Continue" button to proceed.

On the "Send Shimmer" screen enter the amount of $SMR token you wish to send and press the "Continue" button to proceed (hint: if you wish to send all tokens press the "Use Max" button)

Check and confirm the details you have input are correct on the "Transaction to" confirmation screen and press the "Confirm" button to confirm the transaction.

If required, enter your password to authorise the transaction and press the "Unlock" button to continue.

Your transaction has been executed and will be visible and confirmed in seconds and your $SMR token will be visible on your EVM wallet address.

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