RUST Community Airdrops

Monthly NFT Holder Airdrops

Starting on the 28th February 2024 monthly NFT holder airdrops offer the community access to the $RUST economy. Here is all you need to know:

  • There will be 18 monthly airdrops with a Snapshot taken on the 28th of every month.

  • Airdrop tokens will then be released for NFT holders to claim through the Hedgey.Finance dashboard (within 48hrs of snapshot).

  • Only NFTs held in your wallet or a ShimmerSea DEX staking pool will be eligible for snapshots.

  • Any NFTs listed on NFT marketplaces or other unregistered dApps will NOT be included in the snapshot.

  • A total of 320,000,000 RUST will be distributed over the 18 monthly airdrops, making each individual airdrop 17,777,777 RUST.

  • RUST will be divided equally per NFT with a total of 11,111 drops.

  • OG NFTs will receive 2x the amount of airdrop than a normal main collection NFT.

  • There are 1011 OG NFTs - Rusty Robots #00000-#01010

Why claim on Hedgey?

The reasons we use Hedgey.Finance:

  1. It provides security and transparency for the community and makes the claim process decentralised and not reliant upon any specific wallet.

  2. It allows NFT holders the choice on when they claim their tokens. For tax purposes in many countries this can be very useful.

  3. The Hedgey.Finance team are amazing and they provide these tools that help our community for free. We love them, and so should you!

Staked NFTs

We track all RRCC NFT holders in wallet and on the two verified RRCC NFT exclusive staking pools on ShimmerSea DEX. The RRCC holder oracle allow us to get an accurate and reliable second by second account of RRCC NFT holders.

This means if you have an NFT locked in a ShimmerSea DEX staking pool you are still eligible for the Snapshot and do not have to remove the NFT.

We do not track any other dApps at this time. If your NFT is anywhere other than your wallet or one of these two staking pools it will not be included in the snapshot. Be sure to remove your NFTs from any other dApps or marketplaces before the Snapshot occurs.

Airdrop Calculation

The airdrop distribution is a simple calculation based upon the total eligible NFTs in circulation (this means the entire collection minus any NFTs that are on ineligible dApps.)

A clean calculation where all circulating NFTs would be as so:

17,777,777 / (11,111+1011) = 1,478.77 RUST per NFT (2,957.54 per OG NFT)

An example with 150 NFTs on marketplaces of ineligible dApps and not in circulation:

17,777,777 / (11,111+1011-150) = 1,497.45 RUST per NFT (2,994.91 per OG NFT)

The vesting and community distribution of $RUST token allows the community to take full control and gain full ownership of the token. NFT holders and $RUST token holders will be the largest group of owners of the $RUST token within the economy and will also reap the greatest benefits and rewards over time.

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