RRCC NFT Collection

The collection page is a searchable page of the entire RRCC NFT main collection. Here you can browse, search, and discover Rusty Robots across the entire supply.

The collection can be sorted either by NFT name or NFT rarity score and can be searched by NFT name (number)

To view an NFTs information you can click on the NFT image to see more details.

  • Clicking on an Asset ID will take you to the token on Shimmer EVM Explorer

  • Clicking on an NFTs IPFS Link will take you directly to the original image file


Rarity score is calculated using the common Rarity Score system for defining the rarity ranking of individual Rusty Robot NFTs that defines the Rarity Score of individual traits, combining the sum of an NFTs traits to define an overall score for the NFT.

The total Rarity Score for an NFT is the sum of the Rarity Score of all of its trait values Rarity Score for a Trait Value = 1 / ([Number of Items with that Trait Value] / [Total Number of Items in Collection]) This system takes into account the single traits of an NFT as well as the combined value of traits in their entirety. When combined the values create a rarity order that puts each individual NFT in its place within the collection. As the collection grows, these scores will also change with the collection size.

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