The RRCC website houses all the tools and features the project has built and will build and is the entry point to all things Rusty. It is split into two main sections, the public app and the members app.

Public app

The public app can be accessed by anyone and allows everyone the opportunity to learn about the project, mint NFTs, and use limited tools and features that have been made available for all

Members app

The members app is only accessible if you own an RRCC NFT and contains additional features, bonuses, and tools for NFT holders to make use of once connecting their wallet and proving ownership of an RRCC NFT.

Additional features will be added regularly to ensure steady growth of the features and benefits NFT holders gain access to including defi tools, web 3.0 experiences such as comics and music, as well as bonus reduction in fees and utilities the platform provides.

Every feature released on the Rusty dApp will be powered by $RUST token ensuring demand for the token grows through increased utility. Each of the features will also include built in buyback and burn mechanisms to ensure continued stability of the token through reduced supply.

As new features are released they will be added to this section to provide a continued knowledge base for users.

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