Multimeter is a crypto wallet portfolio tool that allows you to easily measure your holdings in one place.

Exclusive to RRCC NFT holders, Multimeter provides a clear dashboard to view your entire wallet content of ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 tokens, along with their value so you can easily asses your current crypto holdings.

To view your Multimeter open the dashboard menu by clicking the double arrow icon and select "Multimeter" from the menu.

Your Multimeter is split into three sections:

Portfolio Overview

Here you can see the overall information for your entire wallet holdings

Wallet Total provides you with the total balance of all verified ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 assets within your wallet.

Clicking on the "See Wallet on Explorer" button will take you to the Shimmer EVM Explorer where you can view the full history and information for the wallet.

NFT Overview

Here you can see all the information relating to ERC721 and ERC1155 holdings

To view a collection in more detail you can click the dropdown menu item on the right hand side where it tells you "You Own (x) NFTs"

Floor (SMR) shows you the current floor price on the NFT collection you are viewing in Shimmer.

Floor (USD) shows you the current floor price on the NFT collection in US Dollar.

The SMR and USD values on the right hand side show you the total value for the NFT collection you are viewing in both Shimmer and US Dollar.

Token Overview

Here you can see all the information relating to ERC20 holdings

Each token section contains the following:

  • Image that displays the token's official image

  • Total balance held in the wallet in the token denomination (ie RUST)

  • Current USD market value of your wallet holdings for the specific token

  • Swap button that will redirect you to a direct swap for the token on ShimmerSea Marketplace.

Below your current wallet token holdings you can see any staked tokens you currently posses that are locked in the ShimmerSea staking pools

And finally, at the bottom of the token section you have a complete total value of all tokens held in both Shimmer (SMR) and US Dollar (USD) based on current market values.

Data Integrations

Currently we are tracking live transactions on various Smart Contracts to obtain floor price of verified NFT collections and token prices. Primarily from ShimmerSea Dex.

As the ecosystem expands and more decentralised exchanges and marketplaces emerge, we will continue to expand the integrations and to calculate global value based on these multiple sources.

DeFi Expansion

Multimeter is an MVP tool that is the first of many expansive defi features we will be adding to the RRCC app. Currently it provides a missing link within the ShimmerEVM ecosystem and will expand in features and data sources as the project grows.

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