Buy $RUST Token

To buy $RUST navigate to ShimmerSea Dex and click the "Trade" button either on the top left of the screen or in the centre of the homepage.

You will move to the Exchange screen where you can choose the token you wish to sell and the token you want to buy.

Select Tokens

In the first "From" box, select the SMR token in the token dropdown menu.

In the second "To" box, select the RUST token from the token dropdown menu.

Enter Amount to Swap

Now either enter the amount of SMR you wish to convert into RUST by entering the amount to the left of the SMR token dropdown, or enter the amount of RUST you wish to buy to the left of the RUST token dropdown.

(hint: if you want to convert all your SMR to RUST press the "MAX" option above the token icon)

Enable Tokens in Metamask

If this is your first time using the ShimmerSea Dex you will have to ENABLE the website permission to access the SMR and RUST tokens in your wallet. You can confirm this by pressing the "Enable SMR" button and confirming the details and pressing the "Approve" button in Metamask.

Confirm Swap

Once you have enabled the SMR token in Metamask, press the "Swap" button and confirm the details and transaction in your Metamask wallet.

Your tokens will arrive in your wallet in seconds.

Add $RUST to Metamask wallet

To add the $RUST token to your wallet, so you can see your balance, press the "Metamask Fox" icon next to the RUST token dropdown, and confirm the addition of the token to your Metamask wallet and you can now see all your newly acquired $RUST.

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