Built by Bots

Launching in Q2 2024, the "Built by Bots" program is a two year 130 million $RUST ecosystem support program that encourages and facilitates community members through their creative exploits. Funded by the RRCC Ecosystem Treasury Fund, the BBB gives access to funding, guidance, and support for their projects as they build within the RRCC ecosystem.

What does Built By Bots Fund?

The BBB program provides financial and experienced support within the creative areas of the RRCC and will fund community led projects including:

  • Music Production, Release, Publishing, Distribution, and Marketing

  • Comic Production, Release, Publishing, Distribution, and Marketing

  • RRCC focused businesses using community branded IP

  • Community led initiatives that promote and market the RRCC

  • Built by Bot businesses that focus on RRCC IP

  • Other creative projects built within the RRCC ecosystem

What Built By Bots Doesn't Fund?

The BBB program is focused on growing the creative aspects of the community. It in no way funds:

  • Shill promotion and Marketing

  • Listings and Exchange Promotions

  • Paid posts, pointless YouTube promo, and other hype based promo

  • New NFT collections, token launches, or other unrelated defi

  • Token purchases, portfolio expansion, or other DeFi related asset acquisition

  • Anything not relating to community led, ecosystem focused creative endeavours

How to participate in the Built By Bots Program?

Built By Bots will be open to all RRCC NFT holders who want to expand their creative projects into the real world and gain exposure and encouragement from the RRCC and its community. The BBB dashboard will be added to the RRCC dashboard allowing community members to share their creative works and project proposals for the community to support and vote on.

Proposals can be submitted along with funding requirements and other media and materials and the community can decide whether to support a project or not.

Upon successful submission, funding will be distributed over a vested period dependent upon the project scale and timeline, during which time, evaluations will be made on the progress and success of the projects. In the event a project is moving along nicely, more funds will be vested, in the event the project is not successful or making progress funds may be withheld, or withdrawn back to the Ecosystem Fund in the event progress isn't made.

Full details on the governance, proposal process, and support and evaluation process will be provided on the launch of the Built By Bots Dashboard.

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