Rusty Robot Records

Creativity is at the heart of the Rusty Robot Country Club community. We value individuality and artistic expression in all its forms. But one huge passion of ours is music. In all its flavors.

As big music lovers we have established the Rusty Robot Records branch of the RRCC. Here we will be supporting in-house and independent artists with music releases to bridge the gap between the music industry and web 3.0.

A New Way of Experiencing Music

A completely new form of music experience is about to be unveiled that can see fans and supporters of artists engaging in unique interactions through web 3.0 collectibles and experiences. Built with nostalgia in mind these music experiences envision a modern interactive experience for music fans, reminiscent of opening a cassette tape in the 80s or a new cd in the 90s, but with added bonuses!

NFT holders and $RUST token holders will be able to support and benefit from the music they enjoy by working directly with artists on their upcoming releases through RRCC funded publishing, royalty reward schemes, encounters, and NFT sales. Creating an intimate relationship between the fans and the artists, with fans incentivised to promote and support artist through reward systems and unique experiences, and artists incentivised to share royalties and rewards with their fans and benefiting from this direct to fan relationship.

The RRCC as a publisher will support upcoming independent artists with industry support including major label quality mixing and mastering, publicity, publishing and distribution, streaming across major platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, TikTok, etc. radio plays and promotion, as well as sync opportunities in TV and Film. Giving independent acts another level of entry into the music industry.

Every Genre

A few in-house artists are already poised to launch through the Rusty Robot Record Label including Rusty Rejects, the Rusty Vibes lo-fi project, and Rusty Remixes from numerous independent EDM producers. As well as the in-house acts, the RRCC will actively conduct A&R (artist and repertoire) to connect with and support upcoming independent artists — all in-line with the community’s support and involvement in selecting and discovering new artists.

Currently, there are artists lined up from all around the world, poised to release music from pop-punk to EDM, lo-fi to j-metal, hip-hop to k-pop, trap to even a cinematic audio visual traditional Norse folk. This doesn’t even include artist collaborations. There is no genre that is out of scope at the RRCC — all are welcome. If an artist is artistic, let’s get them involved.

Each release presents a new opportunity for the community and the ecosystem. Releases are powered by $RUST and rewards are distributed in $RUST. As artists gain more exposure, plays, and success through streaming, sync performances, and more, the more the community gains in return.

It’s a relationship that has been lost in the music industry for decades, but now fans and artists can work together and help each other to generate unstoppable opportunities.

Publishing Royalty Acquisition

On top of the music release and community supported reward systems for artists in the community, the RRCC will also continually invest in successful artists. Acquiring royalty rights from already existing artists to create a passive revenue stream for the project that will also provide the community with additional incentivised rewards.

The RRCC will setup a publishing fund which will be used to expand the RRCC royalty catalogue. The royalty income will then be split between this fund to continue the expansion of the library, as well as provide incentivised rewards for the community. Not only will this provide the community and project with a solid foundation for success, but it will connect the RRCC directly with major label artists. The community will help support them by promoting their music, which in turn generates more royalty returns for the ecosystem.

You can read more about royalties and Rusty Robot Records in our previous article here

In short, Rusty Robot Records is about connecting the community with artists. It’s about supporting new and upcoming independent acts, and building out intimate relationships between fans and the artists they support. With new web 3.0 music experiences, mutually beneficial royalty reward systems, and world class industry support for independent artists, the RRCC is about to break the music industry.

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